At long last I sent off my book manuscript, which has consumed a considerable amount of my energy over the past few years, with an exponential increase in that energy consumption over my sabbatical. I can say that this is a great feeling. Actually an indescribable one. It is a solid piece of work, I am proud of it. I have to say I had a good time writing too. And I am almost certain that I never thought of good times while writing my dissertation or turning into a book. Other adjectives, ok. But this one has been fun.

Anyway, it is done for now and in the hands of the readers so I can return to the numerous other important things in life like life--nothing is so corrosive of life than hundreds of hours in front of a computer uncoiling a book. But things do need getting done at times.

So many things to do with a bunch of time, I won't even list them here. But with a daughter who amazes me more every day and a sweet wife who has been nothing but extraordinary (as I have edged into near-vitamin d deficiency by shifting to a nocturnal schedule of writing (my natural state) and going to sleep as she was waking up), I have definitely have a lot of lost hours to recover. And then there are a million fiddle tunes that need to be learned, a bajo sexto to try not to be embarrassed on, a jarana husateca that whispers of future destinies, and my long ignored bees to tend with I am not afeared of lacking for things to do.

Since you were wondering, the book is called Unwhipped of Justice: Spaces and Limits of Law in Late Nineteenth Century American Foreign Relations.

Yes, you should buy multiple copies for yourselves and loved ones when it comes out. (Until then, you can buy multiple copies of my first book. It is holding steady at #2,128,371 in terms of its place in the Amazon rankings. Which means of course that there are only 2,128,370 books in the world that are currently selling more copies. You can make the difference.)

The real problem of not posting recently has been denying you photos of the little Buddha. Here she is when she discovered the endlessly amusing possibilities of putting a shirt on her head and running through the house.

setting the digital timer and then tickling her to get her to stay for the picture makes for blurry pictures but this kind of relays what evenings are like around here this winter.

This one you can actually see her with her favorite boots

Actually almost all of the best photos are in another camera, will be posted soon when I get them.


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