Speaking of poor corporate decisions, why did the ever-useless Virginian Pilot run a "story" which almost verbatim reprinted Pat Robertson's idiotic and vaguely racist statement about the earthquake in Haiti being the result of a deal with the devil without once at least quoting someone about the reality that Pat Robertson is a clown?

The Pilot also ran a stomach turning, full front page photograph of an arm stuck in rubble in Haiti, which surely stands at a low point for this bottom-feeding paper.

But the paper is useful for detailing how often teenagers are murdered in Norfolk, especially in the Park Place neighborhood. That is at least two teen athletes murdered in Park Place in the last year.

I have a friend who is a cop who said that the level of shooting deaths in the area is actually very small compared to the number of shooting injuries which occur all the time without being reported. You never hear about the ones that don't die. He told me that just in the area of South Norfolk (which is actually across the river in Chesapeake) that he works in, there are 3-4 or even more shootings every week.


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