Certainly one of the best lessons in impermanence is having a sabbatical...

My sabbatical officially ended last night when I returned to the classroom for the Winter Session.

Though it is truly hard to complain about returning to my class called "Music and folk culture of the Southern Appalachians." Can you think of something better? Well, besides, "music and folk culture of South Texas" or "music and folk culture of Southern Veracruz"?

Turns out that one of my students this semester is related through her in-laws to the Hammons Family, and as I always kick this class off with their music that was a nice little connection.

There will be a couple of live old time music performances this term on Monday nights as usual. Next Monday, Jan 11, Gregg Kimball playing fiddle, banjo, and guitar, and on January 18, Mark Campbell playing fiddle and banjo. All told, not a bad way to ease back into things.


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