Apparently Juárez is the most violent city in the world, its second year at #1. Yes, this is the same world that includes Afghanistan and Iraq.

Since 2007, the murder rate in Juárez as increased 800%. This is a hell of a distinction.

But this is really nothing in comparison to this figure (in the Guardian and CNN too)that 20,000 women and children are trafficked across the border every year. Can that really be possible? The news stories are sensationalistic and manipulative in the worst and most typical sort of way, but even if it is even a little possible it is the most horrifying thing imaginable.

Certainly the most profound single treatment of the murder of women in Juárez I've read, even if it is fictionally presented, is Bolaño's 2666. The sheer relentlessness of the section of that book on the murders, which makes it impossible to avert your gaze from the deaths or to consider what it actually entailed and meant (if it means anything) was unforgettable.


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