I don't think Creigh Deeds' loss for the Governor's seat was a comment on Obama, I think it was a comment on his own pathetic campaign and simpering personality coupled with the lackluster performance of old whatshisname in there at moment. I don't know of a single person who carried a whit about Deeds, even among the state policy obsessed. Plus, sources who know (having served him a drink in a bar) say that Deeds was a poor tipper. Who needs that?

Mark Warner was a good governor who helped pull the state back from oblivion under Gilmore, the GW Bush of state politics, and as a result he was rightly well liked all the way into the Senate. Tim Kaine has not done anything well that I can think of. Maybe he hasn't even done anything at all. Deeds was a sacrificial lamb as I see it. It didn't help that he was a bozo.

The Republicans now have the governor and a tight control of the state house at a time that the state is tottering on collapse and gridlock. With such a clear field of action, the effortless incompetence of the party is going to shine through, no question about that at all. Want to bet no soil will be turned for a high speed rail project in the next several years?


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