A guy I knew in college wrote a memoir about those years, it is being marketed as "a strange and salacious memoir of life at the ultimate hippie college during the height of Reaganomics."

As a product of that ultimate hippie college I am, of course, curious about what it might say. I knew him fairly well and my band Powerslave's first show was opening for the Supreme Dicks, who seem to be the focus of the book from the blurbs. I do hope Powerslave is given the attention it deserves...

My wife just asked "who could possibly be interested in that book other than someone who was at Hampshire in the 1980s?" I can't really think of anyone, but you never know.

The author, Richard Rushfield, has begun posting pictures on a blog. The pictures really look old, I think as a quality of the film and the switch in recent imagery. I recognize everyone in the pictures but only remember some of them. That is me sleeping in the picture from his Oct. 6 posting. he says the people look bummed out, but I would say "asleep" is more accurate.


AdamfromVA said…
The picture must have been from your time on the set of "Pretty Woman". I hope your book is coming along swimmingly.

Correct Closing,

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