Lark just turned two. Still trying to get my mind wrapped around that, hard as it is to believe how fast these two years have gone. But great to experience it-- she is so utterly a little person with intense emotions in all directions (often straight up and down). Everyday she gets more interesting and interested, you can see her just absorb everything.

And let me say that if there is a better feeling than having your daughter yell 'daddy' and run into your arms and kiss you I can't imagine it.

We had a birthday party for her at Clifftop again and for some reason we took almost no pictures of it (or of the whole festival). There are a few Here is Lark blowing out the candles. She had so much fun doing it she did it again. "Again" is up there as one of her favorite phrases. "Again" is a good phrase to have at your disposal at an old time music festival. lark would often say that at the end of a tune.

We played some music and Lark danced with a bunch of kids who came, her favorite being Amelia, see here. Lark kept going and the combination of excitement from spinning in circles for an hour and being powered up from eating Skye's brownies meant she was firing on all cylinders late into the night, the whole thing was a lot of fun.

Most of the time it was raining during the festival, which meant days of Lark splashing through puddles. I wish I had taken more pictures of her in and out of the puddles, she was soon covered in mud and loving it, but here about the only image I have is her at the start following the prime objective of running top speed for any puddle.


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