Blogging has been light as I have relocated to California for a time. Not that it is hard to blog out here, since there is wireless everywhere--I've just been busy.

I'm out here cranking away on my extraterritoriality book, fortunate enough to be a visiting scholar at the Center for the Study of Law and Society, which is affiliated with the law school at UC-Berkeley. It is a great place to be, very supportive and interested in what I'm working on. The other visiting folks out here are legal scholars but all have a social science angle which makes their work really interesting.

Beautiful place to be and a truly excellent place to work. Having a nice office to work in is great, having these incredible libraries right here (particularly the law library and the Bancroft Library ) is incredible, but most of all just having the time to work uninterruptedly is the key.

Though being away from the Lil Buddha and the lovely Miss Skye is no fun.

I only mention that the weather is essentially perfect out here (sunny but cool and comfortable) because it is so miserable this time of year at home in Norfolk and it seems worth gloating about it, even if I can only enjoy it for a time. I spent some days in Santa Ynez before coming up here and the weather was even more perfect down there, warm, dry, perfect. Though our car was covered in ash from the Santa Barbara county forest fires, which was strange. The fires were off in the mountains but it was easy to see the smoke and the helicopters going to drop water on them.


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