This is working a bit backward, but the whole period of being on the road started with Skye and Miss Lark and myself headed to the mountains for few days of getting away from Tidewater, very welcome and much needed.

Like a true member of this family, Lark insisted on spending the drive thoroughly surrounded by her possessions. The dominant phrase of the weekend was "more dinosaurs".

She never once let go of that dinosaur. Lark seems to be defying convention and gender restraints in her love for dinosaurs. We'll be in Chicago in a couple of weeks and when we get to the Field museum it is possible she will explode.

Since we were driving right by Rockfish Gap I insisted that we stop and visit General Lee. Skye was not excited but, like the Army of Northern Virginia, I won on sheer willpower.

Last year when we hiked through Rockfish Gap on the AT (one of the few places the AT crosses an interstate in Virginia) we stopped at the run down little tourist info spot that sits there in the midst of about a half dozen decaying buildings. I had totally forgotten about it but in an act of supremely good timing my friend Chip sent me the photos from two years ago just before we headed up the same way.

This time around the man behind the counter, who was extremely nice, looked like a homeless guy, down to the snaggly teeth, stained clothing, and unzipped zipper. General Lee didn't look much better.

I love the water stain on the ceiling.

Lark was a wee bit afeared.

Note the death grip on the dinosaur.


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