I am visiting my folks with the Lil Buddha and typing this on my mom's computer, which means it will be short since she has her computer arranged on a sideboard thing such that it is virtually impossible to use. The keyboard is on a slide out thing that bounces a good 1.5" with each key stroke, and the mouse pad is in a drawer (on top of the drawer contents), you pull out the draw and put the mouse in it to use. Not really adequate for even the barest fulmination here on Nunal.

Not much time either, Lark is going in all directions at once. She is having a great time, especially playing with all the old toys we had growing up (nothing in this house ever being discarded)--cars and trains being her favorites. But one thing that has really caught her eye is the toy chain saw. I never registered that we had grown up with a toy chain saw (complete with working trigger so kids can gain a rudimentary understanding of the functioning of a real chain saw) but I would have liked to have been in the planning room when it was pitched. Well made little thing too, four decades old and in perfect shape.

I can't post a picture of it because I don't have my cord to connect the camera to the computer. So I did a google search for toy chain saws, and it seems they still make them, very realistic ones. (this is a real toy, not the whole genre of Texas Chainsaw Massacre toy chain saws, which I think of as more of a specialty item). Now I know what Lark's go-to present is going to be for all the birthday parties she is invited to.


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