Have you noticed that there are a lot more smokies on the roads these days?

I am sure it is because the states are broke but can't exactly raise taxes. What easier and more regressive way to raise money than to unleash cops to pull over people for significant crimes like speeding, failing to signal when they change lanes (or, in many parts of the state, to be DWB)?

There are noticeably tons of police out here in the Great State of Illinois, and apparently the fines have gotten huge for tiny infractions (one mile over, for example). I've been noticing a similar increase in the police presence on the highways in Virginia. Driving on 95 to DC at the end of last week I saw at least one police car in every turn around on the road and/or a pulled over motorist. I am not exaggerating--in the space of the 90 minute drive from Richmond I saw a cop waiting to pounce or issuing a ticket almost the entire time.


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