Beekeeping may be illegal in Norfolk, but the bees sure as hell don't know it. I just recently got another swarm call in Norfolk. Like the last one, this was close by too.

These bees had moved into a garbage can. I think they had been there for at least a couple of days since they built up some nice comb. I gave the comb, which was fresh, white and beautiful, to the lady who called me about the swarm, she is going to use it for furniture polish.

The bees were extremely gentle even though they might be considered a nascent hive rather than a full blown hive. I managed to find the queen and grabbed with a little queen-grabber device (that is the technical term), so the whole thing was a snap.

I used some other really technical tools to remove them--my swarm bucket of course, and then an empty Tecate box that was rolling around in my truck. Turns out the Tecate box was the perfect thing to get the bees out of the trashcan --2x4s and other stuff snarled together. The box was easily molded to the side,. I got most all of the bees.

The bees are in the bucket in this photo.

The woman who called me was not terrified as some are, but not getting too close either. She asked me if I was worried about driving around with the swarm in my truck. I said no. In fact, I was on my way to pick up Lark at daycare.

I thought she would ask if my daughter was afraid of bees. Instead, she asked: "does your daughter know that you are insane?"

No, not yet, she is still too young.


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