At least they aren't harvesting their organs, yet

Geez, how thin skinned do you have to be to be offended by this sort of treatment given to passengers on Aeromexico flying into freedomland Singapore:

The space age microfiber get-ups are cool, but the scanner is the winner

And no wonder they are freaking out over there and quarantining people--this is a disease in which literally tens of people are really sick.

China, predictably, is reacting with a combination of excess and speed:

"Since Thursday, when an infected passenger from Mexico City arrived in Hong Kong, Chinese health officials have been rounding up his fellow passengers, as well as some Mexican travelers on other flights who showed no sign of illness. The man who arrived Thursday is the only confirmed case of swine flu in China.

Among those the authorities have sequestered are a number of Mexican passport holders who had not been home in months, including a consular official in Guangzhou who was briefly held and tested after he returned to China from a trip to Cambodia.

According to Mexican consular officials, those taken from their hotel rooms included some families with small children, who were initially told that they would be tested for the H1N1 virus and released, but were later informed that they would be held for a week.

Ma Zhaoxu, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said the quarantine measures were justified given the fast spread of the new flu strain.

“We hope Mexico could proceed from the overall interest of joint response to the disease, fully understand the necessary measures we have taken, and handle the issue in an objective and calm manner,” he said in a statement.

Mexican citizens are not the only ones being quarantined. On Sunday, a group of 29 exchange students from the University of Montreal in Canada were confined to a hotel in the northern city of Changchun, university officials said Monday. "

It makes perfect sense to quarantine Canadians, as they are part of NAFTA.

Recall that China, in a mad rush to lock up the residents of the same continent of the possible origin of this flu, is the same country that produces poisoned children's toys for the world market by the millions that are then distributed around the world like little baby-brain-damaging time bombs (not even to mention the state-sanctioned sale of poisoned milk for its own kids).


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