Universities and colleges are making cutbacks all over the place, but vaunting over the sad stupidity of Brandeis selling off its art collection last fall is Florida State, which is planning to eliminating whole departments.

Among the losers are majors that just might be of interest in Florida, like Oceanography, or of interest to students living in the modern era, like Software Engineering.

Here is the full list:

"Programs targeted for elimination:
Apparel Design
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Geological Sciences
Molecular Biophysics
Hospitality & Golf Management
Physical Education
Science Education (College of Education)
Behavioral Psychology
Software Engineering
Art Education
Studio Art
Recreational Management
Slavic Languages
Art Administration

Fortunately, they are so far planning on keeping a winning major like "Creative Writing with an Emphasis in Business". This last one should be helpful for the Wall Street accountants who have been inventing profits all of these years (...I'll be here all week).


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