'I'm Naturally Radioactive...You Are Too!''

I've been doing some research on nuclear weapons manufacturing (not in the interests of making one, but to gauge the environmental impact of them) which has brought me to some interesting spots on the web.

I stumbled on this site for the American Nuclear Society, which is some kind of trade group. I'll confess I didn't read their various position papers, though I was struck that they are not placed in numerical order. And that the numbers don't seem to correspond with the years either. The papers are organized in the following descending order: 11, 40, 50, 12, 76, 82, 73, and so on. These are the same people reading the gauges in the nuclear plants...now what did the red line mean?

They also peddle a bunch of stuff. I was struck by this stickers.

''I'm Naturally Radioactive...You Are Too!'' Stickers....A popular giveaway item for exhibit booths, legislator visits and at utility visitor centers. These stickers also are used by many teachers as classroom "awards" to the student" scientist of the day."

It sounds like a good slogan for Palin 2012.

I also liked the "Atoms Family Activity Book," for schooling children through grade 5 of the positive benefits of their friend, Mr. Atom. I guess this stuff didn't die out with Howdy Doody after all.


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