I know this is semi-old hat for the computer literate, but it utterly blows my mind that google maps has the street level feature of looking 360 degrees in front of almost any address. How in the hell does this work? I can't figure it out unless satellites can provide that sort of lateral view. It has been a while since I wasted time on google earth and the level of detail really has hopped up. It used to be that you could just see a satellite image with some detail (I could tell it was my old Ranger parked in the driveway, for example). But the street view is amazing. This is not me being easily impressed, it is really hard to fathom.

Here is the street scene in front of Lerma's Nite Club, the classic conjunto club in San Antonio.

If you don't know what I am talking about try plugging your address in. Here is the street view of my house. It was taken sometime last summer since my renter's car is in the driveway. You can also see my both of my neighbor's two pieces of shit, one of which used to be permanently parked in front of my house, and the other of which remains to this day parked across the street. But don't worry, it is started once a week. Early on sunday mornings, cranked over, and over, and over.


John said…
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John said…
Google has trucks that roam about taking pictures in 360 every few seconds, this is how they ascertain the lateral views.

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