The warm weather was great for the Lil Buddha too. She had a seriously surf and turf weekend.

Skye and Lark came over to the short course. Lark strode with great purpose and cleared the fields of dandelions.

And to confirm that being a parent requires production of stereotypically cute pictures, here is the obligatory moment when =Lark discovered real ladybugs:

(Yes, even in this short afternoon Lark went through a series of clothing changes)

Then it was off to the beach. It was impossible to get a picture of her with the crappy little camera I brought because she was never still, but here is a crappy little video.

I am going to get one of those little USB cameras, just haven't gotten around to it. That should insure that Nunal becomes almost unbearable.

Lark also had a chance to eat some honey right out of some comb from my hives in Chesapeake. This went over big.


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