40 isn't old if you're a tree

I just turned 40, which I think means that I can no longer even officially pretend to be anything but old.

Though as both a historian and an old time musician I generally don't have a problem with that category of old. Maybe it will improve my fiddling.

And, it definitely took the edge off of the whole aging process to get this fine bajo sexto:

Turning 40 and sticking around here seemed wrong in so many ways, so we headed to New Orleans. There we did a bunch of the things that are best done in New Orleans--eat, drink, listen to music. Etc.

Here is a picture of Skye and Lark standing in front of the place Skye used to live in when she was Lark's age, on Bourbon Street.

Since we are discussing Plessy v. Ferguson in my survey class this week, those students might be interested to know that we stayed with friends in the French Quarter right around the corner from the church that was Homer Plessy's spiritual home. I would have taken a picture of it but can explain here why I didn't. It is a bit complicated.

One thing I did in NO was remove some bees from a friend's house. There had been a hive there for the past few years so I brought down some equipment to take the bees out. I contacted a local beekeeper who dropped off a nuc for me to put the bees in. I spoke on the phone with him a number of times but actually never met the guy--he dropped the nuc off at the house and then came to pick it up after I left. That was kind of strange, but nice to be able to make that kind of connection.

The bees ended up being above a window and down along the side of it, which made it as three comb deep six foot hive. There was quite a bit of honey in the hive and some friendly bees.

Here is why I don't have any pictures of this visually interesting bee removal (or of Homer Plessy's spiritual home)-- as my friend was moving the ladder, he dropped it on my other friend who was holding my camera taking the pictures. The series looks like this:


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