I am headed to El Paso to do some research on a fascinating case of extraterritorial crime from 1886 called the Cutting Case. I'll blog in greater detail about it from down there when I have some more time. In the meantime you can read up: Case of the American, A.K. Cutting.

You have to love Google books.

I did want to take this opportunity before leaving to propose a new promotional picture for Virginia Wesleyan:

This was taken a few days ago, when it was quite cold. The past few days have been very warm (60s-70s), which is far more welcome. Nice when the semester ends and there are some warm days to get into the hives. The bees are definitely enjoying the weather.

There really is no winter here, just brief pockets of chill. I have no complaints (It is warmer here than in El Paso at the moment).

The plants know this--my daffodils are already starting to come up, and there are buds on (a few) plants around as well.

There are really only about six more weeks before it is going to be time to think about putting the honey supers on...


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