On the drive back here to Norfolk my dogs had some issues figuring out their configuration in the truck. At first Mother Maybelle refused to make room, leaving Wee Oscar to find a spot sitting on top of her. This lasted well through Indiana and Kentucky.

Looking out the window:


By the time we got to West Virginia, about 10 hours into the drive, things had been sorted out.

My Southern regionalism students at Sogang might be interested to tune into the station I listen to when I drive through Kentucky, the Morehead State University radio station, which has this great bluegrass and old time show hosted by Jesse Wells. I played with this guy once at Mt Airy several years back, he is a great fiddler. Impeccable taste in music too, you can hear the station on this webpage via this link.

Nunal is going to stay alive as a blog, but obviously Seoul has so much more to offer than Norfolk that there is no comparison, and posting will be less frequent.

Not that life isn't every bit as exciting and interesting:

Seoul: hike a mountain in my neighborhood to the first Pure Land Buddhist temple in Korea, or perhaps pick another mountain and another beautiful temple to visit.

Norfolk: Cut the grass my renter neglected to cut for 10 months, leaving the yard to look something like the Illinois prairie circa 1805.

Seoul: Hop on a subway across town and for 900 won travel to see or do X, Y, or Z.

Norfolk: Fill my truck's gas tank for 4 bucks a gallon and wonder which chop shop gives the best rates for one of my kidneys.


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