It is kimchi making season and people all over the place are making it on the sidewalks in front of their houses and restaurants.

Seeing restaurants make kimchi in huge pots in front on the sidewalk, and then leave the huge pots of kimchi on the sidewalk, is something that does make you think.

Seoul is definitely a city where the sidewalk space is well utilized, and the kimchi making is an example.

Stores (particularly motorcycle repair shops and hardware stores and the like, tend to pile things on the sidewalk and in front of the store. I am amazed that things are stolen, but they don't seem to be.

The other day we went to a store in our neighborhood that sells baby stuff. We went in and could not find the store owner or anyone. We waited around a bit and then, while leaving, realized that the store owner had left a note on the (unlocked) door to call her cellphone if you wanted her to come to the store. That is definitely a level of trust you would never see in the US.

So, watching people make kimchi in large plastic containers in front of their houses is not a surprise, though it is neat to see.

People I have seen don't seem to use the classic old kimchi pots, they use large plastic storage bin type containers that are sold everywhere, maybe 40 gallon containers would be my guess.

These are the across-the-street neighbors making kimchi in their garage:

This house, large and obviously owned by a very wealthy family, has two house servants (one man and one woman) and driver who, when not driving the lady of the house, spends all day polishing their three cars. He does not leave the garage. I have seen him brush his teeth standing in the garage.

The two house servants are making the kimchi in this picture.

It is interesting to see that even an evidently wealthy family is still making their own kimchi.

It would be quite unlikely to see a family of similar socioeconomic status in the US making their own food.

They also don't have a clothes dryer--the housekeeper hangs the laundry outside everyday.


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