By now you have read that President Bush has written a letter to Kim Jong-il. As the JoongAng Daily wrote:

Although once quoted as saying “I loathe Kim Jong-il,” U.S. President George W. Bush has sent a letter to the leader of North Korea, the communist country’s state-run news agency reported yesterday, without elaborating on the contents of the letter.
The letter was delivered by Christopher Hill, Washington’s chief negotiator for the six-nation talks aimed at ending Pyongyang’s nuclear arms program, the Korea Central News Agency said last night. Hill visited Pyongyang Monday through Wednesday.
It is the first time that Bush has sent Kim a letter. The leaders of North Korea and the United States exchanged letters during the Clinton administration. Clinton sent three letters after the 1994 Geneva Agreement, which temporarily stopped the North’s nuclear activities.

Wonkette has supplied the actual text:

Deer Wacky Diktater Dood
I know I ain’t really wrote nuthin’ befer, but you gotsta know I was feelin all aukwerd like after that whole Axes of Evel thing I sed and I hope you knows I just sed that stuff because it was on the teleprompter thingie and didn’t reely mean it, ok? So, yeah, like, my girl Condee sed that I shuld rite you and ask all nice that you play fare and do what you told China you were gonna do about tellin all of us about yer nuculer weapons and stuff, ok? Cuz like I know you sed that you wood tell us yer secret stuff by the end of the yeer, but Condee sed that mabee you meant like yer yeer and not our yeer and I got confuzed but can you plees do it soon because I don’t reely like riting letters. Yers, George.


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