The biggest oil spill in Korean history (10,810 tons) is getting coverage, of course, but the newspapers seem a bit more focused on the vehicular attack on ROK marines that led to weapons and many rounds being stolen.

The police and military were operating a full-scale manhunt for a fugitive who stole weapons from two marines he attacked Thursday, but so far have only found his burnt-out SUV.

The police found the burned vehicle ― identified from reports by witnesses ― in a rice field in Hwaseong, southwest of Seoul.

Earlier, a man said to be in his 30s ran the SUV into the marines ― Park Yeong-cheol and Lee Jae-hyeok, both 20 ― who were walking back to their base, outside a military checkpoint in Ganghwa, northwest of Seoul. Park was rendered unconscious while Lee was knocked down.

After driving back to Lee, the suspect got out of his car, pretending that it was just an accident. He then stabbed him with a knife several times, while Lee retaliated hitting the man in the head with his K-2 rifle until he bled, according to Lee and witnesses.

The suspect then fled after seizing Lee's rifle and 75 bullets, and a hand grenade from the unconscious Park, who he also stabbed. The two marines were immediately taken to hospital. Park died of his wounds, while Lee is reportedly in a stable condition.

In a Taxi Driverish twist, there is thinking that the stolen weapons might be used to attack one of the presidential candidates...

With 11 days to go before the election, it is also feared the suspect may launch an attack on the candidates.

The Grand National Party said its candidate Lee Myung-bak would refrain from staging street campaigns until the suspect is caught. Other parties also strengthened the guards around their candidates, and are considering having them wear bulletproof vests.


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