There are steep little hills all over Seoul, they are somewhat hard to see since tall apartment buildings block them and the main streets all skirt them. Usually, until you go up one, you can't tell how steep they actually are.

They are good for jogging, because if you feel energetic you can pop up one of these hills.

Today I ran up a steep hill, which ended up having a curling small road toward its summit, which was blocked with an enormous Hankook billboard. The road dead ended behind the billboard at an old house. On top of the house, in a widow's walk, I was surprised to see several armed soldiers in some kind of lookout post. This is in the center of a neighborhood, quite far from any military installation.

The hill also had permanent trenches built along the ridge at the top. They were not in use, but they were solidly constructed in a semi circle.

I have no idea why it is all up there, but it was interesting to stumble upon. I couldn't take any pictures since I didn't have a camera. I am not sure taking pictures would have been really welcome.

It does make me wonder what is on the top of the many other hills I see behind buildings all of the time.


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