Some pictures from around Seoul

We also hit the Dongdaemun flea market over the weekend. It turns out that the market area around it is the largest market in Asia. Here we are standing in front of Dongdaemun gate (the Great East Gate, first built in 1397 and rebuilt in 1869. The truck is slightly blocked by a truck.

Unlike the last one I went to, this flea market did not have a live traditional Korean band. It had a metal band instead.

I think that maybe stuffed sea turtles might not make it past customs. Many sellers had them, this stall had a whole cute stuffed sea turtle family.

I couldn't figure out a way to get this stuffed peacock home, though I was sorely tempted. Note the sea turtle next to it.

I did find this old kayagum which needs some work but is of a far higher quality than the cheapo one I bought, heavier, higher quality wood, much nicer inlay and finish. Just needs bridges and strings and some set up work and it will be good to go. I will keep Nunal posted as I get this thing up and running, assuming I can find the parts (which I assumed when I bought it...)


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