some other picture from around Seoul today

Here is a tank of octopuses (yes that is the correct plural) outside a restaurant that we ate at for lunch. We just walked in a pointed at the menu randomly (actual communication being an impossibility in this instance) and ended up having a delicious lunch. They killed and prepared our lunch for us right there, hard to get much fresher food.

Only you can get fresher in Korea. The food can still be living. I have been enticed to learn that there are "living" restaurants where you can be served a meal that moves-- tentacles that move, sea urchins that undulate, and so on. I am seeking such an establishment. Apparently most are at the coast.

Here is one of those helpful subway maps, this one helpfully putting "north" facing in the traditional "south" position. Pesky directions.

Here is interesting roof detail from Changgyeonggung Palace in Seoul. These roofs are really magnificent.

Here is the where the King's placenta is buried on the palace grounds.

this is the actual marker:

Here is Miss Lark looking especially pleased to be at the King's Placenta marker.

and finally, here is a picture of the kayagum class. They took our class photo for the brochure for the upcoming end of the semester show where we will demonstrating our meager talents so far on this complicated instrument. We have just started learning some new picking techniques which are in a whole new realm.

Yes, that is me on the end, looking like I grew up drinking bovine growth hormone or something.


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