On the way back from the hospital we saw an amusing site.

These six women were each carrying two large packages of "Kiss" brand toilet paper.

The Kiss toilet paper stuck me as quite funny (in a juvenile way). I came up with several very funny advertising slogans that I am quite sure would have amused a 13 boy. My wife was not equally amused, I will admit.

But it all did seem funnier as we turned the corner toward home and saw this woman on a bike pass us heavily laden with yet more "Kiss" brand toilet paper.

Then we began to see dozens of people also carrying at least two packages of it everywhere, as if the Kiss toilet papermothership had just landed.

It was hard to take pictures of people without looking a bit strange.

This guy had several packages of Kiss in a wheeled cart that tipped over.

We still haven't figured out where it is all coming from.


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