I wandered by a large political rally today for one of the nine presidential candidates. I have to admit that I am not sure exactly which candidate it was, given that I can't speak Korean. I felt bad about this. But I do think it must have been one of the more important ones since there were secret service guys all over the place. I also saw many young guys dressed like Sichon-typical students, but with the curly communicators in the ears. I would have taken a picture but I thought that wouldn't be a good idea...

In tomorrow's paper hopefully I will figure out who I was seeing.

The rally featured snychronized dancing while the crowd waited for the candidate. Dancers on stage showed the move and dancers in the audience (dressed in orange, the candidate's colors) danced in the crowd. It was quite racuous and strange, at least my my political rally standards. This footage is bad since I was far back, but you get the idea.


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