Blogging might be light for the next few days as I have relocated south of the river to Seoul National University for a conference on viewing immigration to the United States in international perspective. There are people from all over, it is sure to be interesting.

I am presenting my research into Mexican migrant music in Virginia and North Carolina and looking forward to it. I think I will post my paper if I can figure out how to do it as a posted document and not in this space. I am largely talking about norteno music in NC, mariachis traveling through both states, and the experience of the Gran Jaripeo (Mexican rodeo) in Manassas, VA, and explaining what it says about globalization. I'll be playing some music too, of course.

SNU is the largest university in Korea as well as the premier one. The campus is huge (I haven't seen it yet, just a map). As seems to be the standard for Korean academic conferences, everything is included for participants, lodging, meals, and so on. Faculty certainly are treated well, and the faculty setting up the conference have been extremely helpful. They are putting us up in a to bedroom suite at the university quarters, quite nice and well appointed (and wireless too). Even though this is still in Seoul it is a good hour from my apartment so it works out much better to stay down here, and their generosity certainly helps. And misses Skye and Lark get a few days to have a new perspective on the city.


Robert said…
I have my own domain and web space, so I could host your document. All you would need to do is send me the file. In return I'll send you the link so you can access it from your blog. No pressure, just a thought.

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