Blogging is likely to be light here at Nunal over the next few days, as my dad is in town visiting.

We are going to see as many sights as we can cram into the next few days, the jewel in the crown (for me, since I have seen most of the others around Seoul) is going to be the tour of the DMZ on saturday. I have been waiting to go see that for his arrival, and am looking forward to it.

There are dress rules for visitors there, set by the UN command DMZ Education and Orientation Program, you can read them in this document if you are interested.

To summarize its most salient points, you are not allowed to wear clothing that is "faddish, extreme, torn, tattered, frayed, overly provocative, or otherwise inappropriate." No "gym shorts and shorts that expose the buttocks". No flipflops. No "'gangster' clothes, including oversize/baggy long pants

Geez, I hope I can find something to wear.

The paper yesterday just ran this story mentioning the astounding number of southern mines in the DMZ (in a story revealing for the first time that South Korea has been producing landmines):

ASHINGTON _ South Korea acknowledged for the first time that it began production of antipersonnel mines last year, according to a report released on Monday.

The Landmine Monitor Report 2007, released in Geneva by the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), also said that South Korea reported 1,300 mined sites within its territory, including about 970,000 mines in the southern part of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and in the military control zone (MCZ), a heavily fortified area dividing South and North Korea.


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