Blogging has been light since things have been busy here and I haven't been at a computer. It has helped that after a week of freezing cold and two snowfalls (that didn't stick but still were disheartening) this weekend was warm and beautiful.

This weekend was also the end of my kayagum class, which has lasted 12 weeks. All of the classes performed in a public concert in the hall at the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts complex, which was fun. The audience was filled, so it was rather intimidating actually. I had missed last week's class since my dad was in town, and so was surprised arrive on Saturday morning to find that our portion of the show started with a tune I had never played! Besides that it went smoothly on the four tunes we played. Be played some lively tunes ("Arirang," "Doragi," "Ban dal", and the one I didn't know, "Nilniriya", which is a great tune I am going to learn). I thought our beginning class performance sounded much better than the intermediate class, to be honest. They played more intricate stuff, two tunes, but their timing was off.

The most impressive performance was the samulnori drumming class, which was very tight and closed the show.

We all performed the show in traditional Korean dress:

Yes, I realize that I look completely insane.

The costume didn't fit me optimally, to say the least, since I stand a good half foot taller than anyone in the class. The intermediate kayagum class seemed to also get the upgraded costumes...

I am planning to take that next session of lessons starting in the spring.


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