We decided to take a break from eating delicious, low priced, healthy Korean food to sample the mediocre, over-priced, and just plain wrong Mexican offerings here in Seoul. The only good thing I can say about the experience was that it allowed me to write the proceeding sentence.

One thing that did amuse us about the dinner was that the freshly made tortillas which the restaurant proudly featured were, in fact, the kind of little wraps used in moo-shu pork. They did not make the transition to Mexican food without protest, be assured.


Theresa said…
If you think Mexican food in Korea is bad, you should try Chinese or Japanese food in Mexico! They put cream cheese (yes, you read that correctly!) cream cheese in the sushi.Inspite of the Yucatan having ties to Korea,sister cities, immigration etc, I haven't seen anything like a Korean restaurant in Merida. Oh, unlike 65 percent of Korean women, I do know how to make kim chee.



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