ghosts in the machine

It is true that in this digital age nothing seems to get lost.

I am putting together some slides for a talk at the end of this week in which I mention the Mt Airy Fiddlers Convention, as a Mexican rodeo and music festival is now being held on the same grounds. I left all of my Mt Airy pictures on my home computer, so I have been searching the web to find some decent ones for a slide or two. I remember there being a good site up with pictures from 2006 festival, but still can't find it.

I did finally find this Surry Arts Council page with some old 2001 pictures of a fiddlers workshop that included such old time fiddling giants as Benton Flippen, Richard Bowman, and Kirk Sutphin. I was at that workshop, and even have a great picture of Benton from it (taken by my friend Phil) hanging on my living room wall. And sure enough, I was struck to see my (younger and cleanly shaven) visage in the background of a bunch of these pictures. It was certainly a surprise to come across myself that way.

here is the link:

The Surry Arts Council - Mount Airy, NC


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