The papers were really filled with numbers today, interesting numbers.

For instance, that 65% of Korean women don't know how to make kimchi.

Nowadays people buy it already prepared and then store it in special kimchi refridgerators. My apartment lacks one.

The past few days there have also been several reports about food safety. Yesterday it was about some kind of cookie that is slightly radioactive. The articles always mention that a few years back Korea was exporting kimchi that had parasite eggs. They slip that factoid into this 65% can't make kimchi article too.

"Parasite eggs" is one phrase that really has a way of grabbing your attention. It should be in many news stories.

Another number I thought was interesting is that the top 1% of Koreans own 57% of the land. More directly, the top 100 landowners own 3% of the land. Even by America-in-the-Bush-era standards that it an astounding figure. I would think that a large part of that is having a massively urbanized population. But it still is amazing.

The newspaper was filled with surprises today as well. Such as this:

Former President Park Chung-hee was suspected of being behind the 1973 kidnapping of former President Kim Dae-jung, then opposition party leader. The spy agency led the abduction and attempted to cover up the truth, according to a fact-finding body.

The bombing of a Korean Air flight in 1987 was committed by North Korea, and there was no evidence to back the suspicion that the South's intelligence agency was involved.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) Development Committee for Clarifying the Past issued a final report of its re-investigation of the two major past incidents Wednesday.


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