I discovered why there was a traffic stop on a Tuesday night. I learned this from the person who drove me to the conference this past weekend, who showed up 30 minutes late and explained it with the simple phrase 'I was drinking beer last night."

I had read in my ever-trusty Korean etiquette books that here nothing you do while drunk is held against you since, after all, you are drunk. Thus, a boss and his employees go out on a bender and say refreshingly honest things without repercussion. So, following this logic, I accepted "I was drinking beer last night" as a perfectly adequate response. And, let it be noted, I was getting a ride to the conference (with family in tow as well) and definitely was not going to complain. It was a nice ride with very interesting chat to boot.

I figured this gentlemen would know why a roadblock on a tuesday night, and his logical response was that on Mondays people are back to work and expected to be very productive, but by Tuesday it is time to begin to loosen up again.


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