Following the new concept of visiting only establishments at least one floor above street level, we ate at a sushi place in our neighborhood, situated on the second floor between a ground level "Korean Traditional Health Porridge Restaurant" and a coffee shop on the third floor (with furniture made out of twigs).

There are actually two Korean Traditional Health Porridge Restaurant on our street. It is an amazingly popular porridge, I guess. These types of establishment are all over the city. I haven't tried Korean Traditional Health Porridge yet, but Nunal will be the first to know when I do. Porridge hasn't really enticed me for a meal out, I will admit. You might think that Korean Traditional Health Porridge would be of especial interest to Koreans, but these style restaurants across Seoul have English language signs for some reason (those signs being the only reason I have heard of Korean Traditional Health Porridge).

The reason why this sushi restaurant was interesting is because they served a whole tray of raw sea creatures that we have been utterly unable to identify, even with later exhaustive searching on taxonomic sushi sites and despite the fact that both of us have eaten many times our weight in sushi over the years. Skye spent a good amount of time in Japan too, but many of these were new to her too. The unidentified kinds were not our favorites. Somehow, though, I managed to order them, as well as what seemed like an endless parade of sushi trays and other food. This being Korea, we were also given an impossibly large array of side dishes, soups, drinks, and the like.


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