A few weeks ago I wrote an admiring post about the garbage system here. There are thrice a week pick ups, curbside recycling, and so on. The whole process seemed well run.

It still does, it just turns out to be a bit more complex than I initially realized. My landlady, Mrs. Lee, just told me to put the bags on the curb. But today a note appeared on the door, from the building manager. I know he is the manager because his note started 'I am a manager. I have meaning to explain to you."

Turns out this convenient thrice a week service is going to cost me 50,000 Won a month, which is 50 bucks, or a couple of bucks per pick up. Good thing I have a child who produces an American-sized amount of diaper trash with explosive frequency.

It also turns out that regular garbage has to be placed in special white plastic bags. The manager helpfully supplied and sample white bag and identified it as such. "this bag color is white."

you can use that photo to white balance your computer screen.

All food waste goes in a yellow bag. Curbside composting, that is great.

The color of this bag is yellow.


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