A few shots from Seoul today.

This is a corn tea that is very popular. It is essence of corn and water. The bottle is cool even if the concept remains, uh, a matter of preference.

The bottle is a decent quality, screwtop aluminium, and the junk man's great-grandson in me is fighting the urge to save it and use it as a fuel bottle while camping.

This is a picture of the street crossing on my way home, right at the moment of the light changing. I left a bit late and so hit the rush hour (which is heaviest it seems close to 7):

Look at the sheer number of people on both sides. If you look across the street, you can get an idea of the wall of pedestrians coming forward. You might think that there is a Braveheart-level meeting between the two sides, but the street crossings I have seen have been quite orderly.

Finally, here is the lil Buddha sleeping under a mosquito net inside the apartment this evening. The mosquitos are everywhere, even in October. Not an optimal situation for the lil Buddha, so we have her sleeping in this neo-colonial rigged Pack-n-Play.

This is a serious requirement to keep her from looking like she has the chickenpox from all the bites, as this city is filled with mosquitos. Here you can see a few bits on her face which we were not pleased to see:

How you we let someone this cute get consumed by mosquitos?

I have no idea how the mosquitos get in the house, since the screens don't have holes, but the little buggers do. At night we close the windows and that cuts them down but does not eliminate them. You can go from killing them constantly to killing just one every couple of minutes.

The mosquitos up on the DMZ carry malaria, but in Seoul they are not supposed to. They are tiger mosquitos, I think. Definitely different than the ones we have in Virginia. It is amazing to see them in restaurants and buildings in the core of the city.


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