a few Seoul scenes

In an old timey way, the newspaper here all post their daily editions page-by-page on boards in front of their buildings in central Seoul. I used to see this in Europe in some cities but not for a long time.

But what is even cooler is that some have large electronic touch screens rather than paper versions, which allow zooming and searching.

The subway stations are great here because there are maps all over the place inside that situate you, so you generally can figure out exactly where you are and where you want to go.

This is helpful since there are no addresses for anything, and you need all of these landmarks to figure out where things are. It is all relative. This is especially challenging in a city increasingly filled with chains. People give directions like "go between the apartments and in the middle of the blck between the Starbucks and the KFC and turn left at the Mr. Seven bar and walk toward the bank." Navigating by landmarks in the US would be utterly impossible since the landscape replicates itself cell-like.

But be careful on the subway maps, since they feature different directions for North.


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