A few pictures from around Seoul this weekend.

A couple different ginseng sellers:

Ginseng is amazingly expensive here. My students have been interested to learn about the coveted value of Appalachian ginseng. The trade in US ginseng to Asia goes back to the late 18th century. Now that I think about it, I really should play the Kentucky Ramblers' "Ginseng blues" to my Southern regionalism class.

Here is a fresh lawn, Seoul style.

Actually, there is green space around, but much of it in the form of mountains. I just realized that there is a quite large mountain with a hiking path right near the apartment, I am excited to check it out. The weather has been extremely nice, clear warm, sunny early autumn days. Koreans tend to dress very warmly for some reason, even though it is quite warm still. My wife has been reprimanded by older woman on the bus for wearing flipflops. They tell her she should be wearing shoes.


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