NYC enters the 20th century

NYC is going to get cell phone service in the subway stations. In two years it will be in a handful of them, and then if that works out, in only four more years (well into President Hillary's second term that is) the others will be wired.

So, in 6 years at the minimum (probably more) the largest city in the richest country in history of the world will have cell phone service in the its stations. How about that, huh?

One more factor--the phones won't work in the cars so nobody has to listen to loud conversations.

M.T.A. Makes Deal for Cellphones in Stations - New York Times

In Seoul, all stations and trains have cellphone coverage of course, even though the stations are often many levels below ground and much lower than in NY. And the cellphones are so much more advanced here that many people watch TV on them as they sit on the trains. I haven't noticed any problem of people speaking loudly on their phones. In fact, many people cover their mouths when they speak into the phone.

Next thing you know, cities throughout the US are going to announce a big high tech push that they will design commuter trains that run underground!


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