Korean bullfights #2

I just learned that there is a Korean bullfighting tradition.

It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Korean bullfighting is not man vs. bull, but, beautifully and gracefully, bull vs. bull. It is a totally non-violent sport, as the bulls do not kill each other. They essentially wrestle until one turns its head.

So, vegetarians can love Korean bullfighting too.

You can, as you would expect, find Korean bullfighting videos on Youtube.

Here are some Korean bullfighting terms and moves (from this description):

1. Milch'igi : Pushing
2. Morich'igi : Head Attack
3. Mokch'gi : Neck Attack
4. Yopch'igi (Paech'igi) : Side pushing
5. P'ulgoli : Drawing Horns
6. P'ulch'igi : Horns Bumping
7. Tolch'igi : Head Pressing
8. Yont'a : Horns Bumping and Head Attack

I wonder why this sport hasn't received more international attention. Given its peaceful nature and its inherent appeal, you would think it would spread.

I gather that the major Korean bullfighting season comes in March at the Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival. This is in southern part of Korea, and is for certain something I will not to miss.


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