Here is a clear picture of just how internationalized the Korean plate is these days. Or, more precisely (and, in a way that will be totally understandable to China-dependent Americans ), is how much the dominance of China is obvious even in the food on the table.

INSIDE JoongAng Daily: "One-third of agricultural and fishery products used to feed guests and in traditional rituals during the Chuseok holidays, the Korean Thanksgiving, may be from China. A third of marine products sold at the National Federation of Fishery Cooperatives are foreign. Seven marine products, including trumpet shells and eggs of walleye pollack, are nearly all imports. Among fishery products used in traditional rituals to pay tribute to ancestors, 95 percent of Atka mackerel, 77 percent of walleye pollack, 72 percent of thornback and 45 percent of yellow croaker are imports."


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