A few other pictures from around Seoul.

Here is a subway station. Some of them, like this one, are air conditioned and so have these glass doors between the AC and the tracks. They are very clean.

Each station has one of these stands with gas masks and other emergency equipment. (I think if I was caught taking a picture of this sort of thing in the US it might make people suspicious). There is not nearly enough for everyone, since the trains are veyr long and usually pretty crowded, but I guess in case there is a Tokyo style sarin attack at least a few dozen people per station will survive, at least in theory.

And then a totally unrelated picture: this is a long streamside path that runs beneath the street level going East-West across central Seoul. This is Cheonggye Stream, it is a nice place to walk and you don't get stuck by busy streets either. It is kind of a green space, if you don't get too caught up in the definition of "green".


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