Soju Sells Best on Thursdays(The Korea Times)

Thank god it's Thursday!

Soju Sells Best on Thursdays(The Korea Times): "Thanks God, it’s Friday? But now Fridays seem to have given way to Thursdays as the best day for drinking after the introduction of a five-day workweek system. Latest statistics show that soju, a Korean distilled liquor, sells most Thursday nights. According to Jinro Wednesday, a total of 31,547,000 boxes of soju were taken out of its warehouses for sale from January to August and 6,076,000 boxes of them, or some 19.2 percent, were delivered on Thursdays. A box contains 30 x 360ml bottles. Fridays came next with 5,783,000 boxes, or 18.3 percent, followed by Mondays with 5,654,000 boxes (17.9 percent), Wednesdays with 5,334,000 boxes (16.9 percent) and Tuesdays with 5,174,000 boxes (16.5 percent)."


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