S. Korean ambassador lambastes Samsung’s ‘sandwich theory’ : National : Home

This is an interesting concept--low wage China on one hand and Japan as 800 pound tech gorill as major challenges to Korean prosperity.

You will notice that bloated, consumerist, military spending USA is not part of this sandwich.

S. Korean ambassador lambastes Samsung’s ‘sandwich theory’ : National : Home: "BEIJING - South Korean Ambassador to China Kim Ha-joong has strongly criticized the so-called “sandwich theory,” a warning on the South Korean economy, of Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee. Chairman Lee observed a crisis in the South Korean economy earlier this year by saying: “Korea is being sandwiched by fast-growing China and technologically-advanced Japan.” Then in June, he said that “The nation’s economic situation is worsening.” In a lecture at the Korean International School in Beijing on August 28, Kim said, “Some South Korean figures have frequently mentioned the ‘sandwich theory,’ but it upsets me whenever I hear it. South Korea can’t be sandwiched and there is no such possibility.” Kim made a series of critical remarks, such as: “Who will be sandwiched?” and “Why do they discourage South Koreans like that?” and “Who makes such remarks and with what intentions?”"


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