More adventures in eating

I finally saw some honey for sale today ("kkul" in Korean) and was astonished how surprised it was: 38000 Won for 2 kilos, which is roughly 40 bucks. I sell honey for $5 a pound and 2 kilograms is 4.4. pounds. So, honey is expensive.

hmmmm, I sense an opportunity...

Now that I know the word samchi I of course felt compelled to go use it at another fish market between Sogang and my house and buy some. The price differential between fish and meat is amazing. I got two whole samchi, (which was apparently the only way it was sold, in pairs), cleaned for 3500 Won ($3.50 approx). A little foam tray of some unknown-to-me cut of meat is about $14.

Also for sale all over the place are bags of dried fish of varying size. Here is a bag of small ones (they go about three to four sizes smaller):

This seems to me like the ultimate zone diet meal-pure protein and, uh, whatever else is in little fish. I rfesolved to keep a bag on my at all times, for my hourly feeding.

Being a man of little to no moderation, though, as soon as I bought it I quickly wolfed down the full bag. I am not sure if this is advisable, but surely will learn if it is.

Even in the brightly lit supermarkets, which would not be unfamiliar in layout to John Q. Publix, have competing individuals within. The bread person has a song about her baked goods, the fish monger has a spiel, and so on. In one large grocery store right at the heart of Sinchon rotary there were women dressed like 1960s stewardesses hawking things at the end of every aisle. I need to bring a recorder to these places and capture the sound.


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