Korea to Have Shorter Winter(The Korea Times)

I am not going to complain about this:

Korea to Have Shorter Winter(The Korea Times): "Korea’s four distinguishing seasons have been regarded as one of the attractions of the nation. But recent research suggests that the country is losing this charm due to global warming. The gloomy forecast is based on research reports by weather experts who gathered in Seoul to attend the ``Workshop for Experts of Climate Change,’’ held on Wednesday and Thursday. According to the National Institute of Meteorological Research the nation will have shorter winters and longer summers. The winter season in Seoul, which typically begins in early December and ends early March, will be much shorter. By 2090, it will begin from late December and end around the middle of February, 36 days shorter than the summer in 1920."

And the warming may also explain why samchi is so inexpensive (it is a kind of mackerel)

The increase will effect fish species. Subtropical fish species will slowly become rare and tropical species will be more prevalent in the East Sea.

In the past 40 years, there has been an increase in catches of subtropical fish such as squid, anchovy and mackerel and a decrease in the catches of cold current species such as pollack with the average temperature of the East Sea increasing by 0.9 degree Celsius.


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