Lee Set for Victory in South Korea - New York Times

The NYTimes updates its page much more often than the Korean newspaper English sites.

Lee Set for Victory in South Korea - New York Times: "With giant screens flashing the exit poll results, downtown Seoul reverberated with cheers. Fireworks soared into the chill winter sky. Thousands of Mr. Lee’s supporters danced and hugged each other. Television footage showed villagers at Mr. Lee’s rural hometown of Pohang in southeast South Korea dancing and waving national flags."

We had dinner in a sashimi place and people watched the TV but nobody made a peep. The election results did not interfere with the hearty soju drinking going on at every filled table. For some reason not made clear to us, representatives from a soju company, wearing silver lame' suits with flat panel screens in the front -- which was extremely weird and futuristic and I am kicking myself for not taking a picture-- were actually giving out free soju bottles to each table. The election was given less attention as a result.


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