I miscalculated the date of the end of the year History department dinner and so was all ready to feast on some friend jellyfish and other fine fare tonight, only to find that I have to wait until tomorrow.

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, I rounded up Skye and the Lil Buddha and off we went to Haemi marine, which is only a few blocks away. We hadn't tried it, though passing it everyday. Generally places with large flounder tanks in front are a good call. This one did not disappoint.

For 23,000 Won for the two of us we had fresh flounder sashimi, two bowls of mussels in broth, two fried seafood pancakes, fresh tofu with a hot chili topping, fresh cabbage, roasted samchi and turnip in a hot sauce, pickled garlic, and rice too of course. An incredible feast. I can barely move, Skye can't move, the Lil Buddha, as usual, as taken it all in stride.


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